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School rock arrived and the time capsule was buried beneath it.

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One of the projects for the Oregon Trail unit is a STEM project where students are calculating what supplies they need to take on the journey, how much each will weigh, and not going over 2,000 lbs. Then they create a covered wagon no bigger than 10” L X 8” W X 15” Tall. It must be strong enough to hold at least 12 decks of playing cards. Each deck of cards represents approx. 160 lbs.

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2018 Spring Family Night

Ski Day 2018

1st Day 2017-2018 Amazing Race

Summer 2017 Library Books Arrive



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Assembly and Family Fun Night

Amazing Race

Amazing Race

Amazing Race

Amazing Race

Summer 2017

July 26 unboxing books

July 26 almost finished

Library July 26

July 26 almost all books shelved

July 26 318 boxes of books

Mr. Erickson’s dive

All the library books are unpacked

Mr. Erickson’s dive into the bags of packing paper

July 26 before the books arrive

July 26 books arriving

library bookshelves

SHMS at night

South Hills (plural)

June 2017

June 2017

June 2017 library

June 2017 library entrance

June 2017 main entrance

June 2017 main entrance

June 2017

June 2017


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