The objective of the South Hills Middle School Athletics program is to familiarize our student-athletes with competitive interscholastic sport; introduce them to rules, rewards, and consequences; teach them about the team taking precedence over the individual; demonstrate the importance of learning and practicing fundamentals, and instill a level of discipline that traverses athletics into academics. We believe that winning is measured by more than a scoreboard and that all participants should have a reasonable opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skills in competitive situations.

South Hills Middle School Athletics program will take a leadership position in interscholastic athletics, demonstrating that championship athletic experiences and commitment to academic excellence are not mutually exclusive. The student-athletes and coaches of South Hills Middle School will embrace their responsibility as community leaders, honor their role as representatives of the school and district, and conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards.

South Hills Middle School offers nine sports for students throughout the year.

  • Football
  • Volleyball¬†
  • Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Track & Field
  • Cheerleading

Athletics Admission

Adults: $5
Students: $4
Grade school students: $3
5 years and younger: Free
Veterans: Free
No IHSAA passes allowed

Athletic Forms

Student-athletes in all grade levels must turn in an updated physical form to the Athletic Director. In addition to the physical, athlete and parent/guardian need to fill out the Emergency Consent, Concussion Acknowledgement, and Drug Testing forms and the SHMS Student-Athlete Contract. These need to be filed with the school before the student may begin any school-organized athletic activity.


Desiree Montoya
SHMS Athletic Director
(208)732-5160 ext. 4039